About Us

Hello and Welcome, from the Magnolia Lane Boutique owner, Brianna (Geiger) Nettles!


About Magnolia Lane,

 After many years of preparing, studying, and praying, the dream of owning a boutique finally came true! Magnolia Lane was officially founded September of 2019! We are an online based boutique while alaso hosting some pop-up events. Our website is managed out of our small hometown of  Hilliard, FL. We proudly offer high-quality merchandise, the majority of which are made or finished in the USA!


Meet the Owner

  Magnolia Lane currently functions through a fashionista herself, Brianna. She has always been considered a “girly girl” that loved to shop and keep up with the most recent styles. Quite literally the one who buys a new outfit for every occasion. She has always dreams of owning her own business and has rightfully done so! Brianna is happily married, a collegiate softball alumni, and currently in Nursing school to recieve her BSN in Nursing! She is so blessed to have this opportunity and genuinely thanks YOU for helping her small business dreams come true!

Her Mission

  Her mission at Magnolia Lane is to continuously provide trending, timeless, affordable clothing for all women. She takes pride in being able to provide the newest style on the market to our community and our online audience. She strives to ensure that you have the best experience possible while shopping online with us!